Stray The (2000) IMDB 4.20(257) Full Movie Download

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original title: Stray The
rating: 4.20(257)
The U.S.
Director: Kevin Mokk. in roles: Michael Madsen, Angie Everhart, Stefan Lysenko, Frank Zagarino, sady Lopez, …
running time: , 90 min.
release date: 2000


Accidentally knocking the machine of a passer-tramp, Vaughn Grayson feels responsible for the life of a homeless. Worrying about the accident, she brings him to his ranch. A new friend is very similar to her recently deceased ottsa.Vzaimnoe location quickly turns into a friendship, and then develops into a romantic relationship. What is the payback expects Vonnu, unsuspecting that the similarity with the father is not accidental, and the concealed rage angry stranger could cost her her life.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 0% ()
subtitles 1958 Old Man and the Sea The, rar, 1988 Terrorgram / Terrorgram, Blonde or Brunette / Blonde or Brunette 1927 eng subtitle, I The Silencers

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